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Why Do Trees Uproot?

Hurricane Irene came and went, but it did leave a large impact on the tri-state area. Damage was caused by flooding waters and toppling trees. Trees uprooted and took down wires, fell on houses, and shut down roads. In my ever growing education on trees, the damages caused from uprooting trees did not strike me […]

ISA Certified Arborist, New Jersey Certified Tree Expert. What’s the Difference?

Are you an arborist? I get asked that question almost every day. I then reply, “Yes, I consider myself an arborist. I am a New Jersey Certified Tree Expert.” The homeowner then responds, “but are you an arborist?”. I would then have to spend 20 minutes explaining what I am and how it ranks compared […]

My Explanation of the Tree Experts and Tree Care Operators Licenseing Act

For awhile now I have been avoiding to write about subjects that really affect my industry. These subjects can get very deep and I can become opinionated about them. I am taking a leap of faith and will start to bring more subjects to the table. Last week I attended a meeting about the Tree […]

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