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Tree Removal

When is removal necessary?

  • If the tree is dead
  • If the tree is overgrown
  • If the tree has structural problems such as: holes, cracks, rotted areas, or is deemed unsafe
  • If the tree has a disease. Diseases can be spread to healthy trees so it is sometimes necessary to remove the diseased tree to keep adjacent trees healthy.

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Tree Pruning / Trimming

Tree pruning or trimming is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Trees that are found in nature usually flourish with little or no help. In landscape environments pruning is necessary to remove dead branches, improve the structure of the tree, enhance vigor, or to maintain safety.

When is it necessary to prune or trim a tree?

  • To improve tree structure or health
  • To accommodate human needs, such as clearance for roadways, allowing space for electrical wires, or to allow more sun on a pool.
  • To increase light penetration
  • To remove dead or dangerous limbs
  • To repair storm damage
IMPORTANT! Tree Pruning should NEVER be done with tree spikes.

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Tree Support Systems

Cabling or bracing a tree helps to support the life of a tree. Trees that have more than one trunk (trees that form a “V” shape, see pictures below for examples) are prone to crack or split. By installing a cable it reinforces the weak spot in the tree to prevent it from cracking or splitting

Cables are installed to limit the limb movement at weak points in the tree to prevent it from cracking due to wind or accumulated snow.

Braces are steel rods installed to form a firm support in limbs and other parts of the tree. They are used to repair and reinforce split, weak or decaying areas of the tree.
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Stump Removal

Tree stumps can sometimes be an eye sore and difficult to get rid of. Fortunately, at Vanderbeck Tree Experts, stump removal is one of our specialties. We can remove stumps of any size and in hard to reach places.
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Tree & Shrub Planting

The long-term health of a tree begins by following proper planting procedures. Many structural defects and abnormalities can be traced back to a tree’s planting. At Vanderbeck Tree Experts we follow a planning every step of the way. From selecting the right tree all the way to watering properly once planted.

Would you like to know more about tree plantings, and why it’s so important to plant properly? Read the Ben’s Blog posts; The Importance of Proper Plant Installation, and Tree Plantings: Just for Landscapers?

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Tree Consultations

Trees are living organisms. Just like other living organisms they require routine check ups. A tree consultation is like a “check up” for your trees. A lot of the problems with trees can be avoided or handled better with routine monitoring.

By having routine checkups the following problems can be avoided:

  • Structural Defects
  • Insects
  • Fungi
  • Root problems
  • Construction Damage
IMPORTANT! Tree Consultations should only be given by a NJ Certified Tree Expert.

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Firewood is a great way to heat your home in the winter and it’s also a great way to enjoy a nice summer night by building a fire. At Vanderbeck Tree Experts we keep an inventory of only the best wood that is seasoned and ready to burn.

Here are some money saving ideas:

  • Already have wood at your home but no time to split it? Call us to come to your home and split the wood to make it perfect for the fireplace or the outdoor fire pit.
  • Already have the equipment and desire to split wood, but no wood? Call us! We can deliver you unsplit wood for you to split and enjoy!
  • Buy your wood in spring or early summer for significant savings. Another benefit of buying your wood early it gives it more time to season before winter.

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