If you turn on any news channel you’ll see the updates on the upcoming hurricane. Hurricane Irene is heading this way and is bound to cause severe damage. That damage will be done to houses, cars, buildings and trees. Trees can be the most dangerous thing in a hurricane. Trees can split, crack, and be tossed around. I guess what I’m getting at is being that it is so close to the storm, what can you do to stay safe?
With a storm is this size, no tree is safe. 12 inches of rain is more then we get in an entire summer. That amount of water is going to cause the ground to because very slippery for a tree’s root system. The roots of a tree won’t have a lot to hold onto and when a large gust of wind comes, it can take down even the biggest of trees. Uprooting is not the only possible danger. A tree with a crack or hole could break off and come crashing down. Trees have natural weak spots and when winds are strong enough, they will expose the weak spot and break the tree.
The best form of protection at this point it knowledge. Walk around and look for trees that could possibly cause damage. Take precautions on where you will be when the storm is going to hit. If there is a large tree over your bedroom, sleep in the basement for the night. I’m not here to scare you, just to inform you of the possible dangers that are ahead of us. Keep and eye on those trees, and remember that your main priority is personal safety. A house or car can be replaced, that’s why we have insurance.
Hurricane Irene: How To Prepare

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