Today, we’re going to start feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I thought I would give a few words of advice on what to do the morning before a large storm. Sandy is said to have Destructive Winds and Heavy Rain. This is a dangerous combination for trees. Trees will be coming down, it is inevitable. What can you do to protect yourself? Here are a few things to keep in mind;
      • Look at the trees on and around your property. Look for dead limbs, broken limbs, or weak joints on trees. Since the October storm last year, tree crowns have taking a lot of abuse. Branches have been weakened and can come down with high winds. The only advice I can give in this short amount of time before the storm, is to know that these weaknesses are there. Avoid parking your car under them and staying in the room that is under the weakened tree.

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    • Trees will uproot. Trees that have been weakened by construction will be the first to go. Heavy rain acts as a lubricant and the high winds will be force to knock trees over. Again, the only way to be prepared is to know that these weaknesses are there. If your house is surrounded by large trees my best advice is to stay in the basement and away from large trees.
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    • My last word of advice will be about the power lines. Trees will be taking down power lines left and right. Power lines have a lot of voltage and can arch long distances. If there is a down power line around your property, STAY INSIDE. Water is a very good conductor of electricity and can electrify large areas. Even trees leaning on wires can be a conductor.
    • **After the storm.** As I was finishing this blog, I remembered one more word of advice. After the storm there will be a lot of cleaning up to do, and that will bring many unknown tree guys coming out of the wood work. They will be uninsured and not a legal business. Protect yourself by taking a few moments to check who you are hiring. Even though damages has been done, more damage can be done to either property or human safety. Storm clean-up is not the easiest to do. Pieces are spring loaded and have pressure in awkward locations. Protect yourself by making sure the company you hire has liability insurance and workmens’ comp.
This storm is going to be one to remember, and I hope everyone is sufficiently prepared. Keep safe during the storm and if there are any tree related damages, call a professional. Good Luck!
Sandy is Coming! Stay Prepared and Informed!