It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything in this blog. Summer is my busy season and it keeps me away from my computer for most of the day. Usually I write about industry standards, or unique trees. Today I’m going to change it up from a normal routine an article on a piece of equipment I use. Specifically my Vermeer SC 652 self propelled stump machine.
We purchased this machine in the early months of last year to replace our aging stump machine. Our old grinder was also a Vermeer, but it was a tow behind model and was just under 20 years old. It was a great machine and never gave us too many problems. What it did lack was the ability to get it to small back yard areas, or an area that was difficult to back up to. Mechanically the machine was strong. It had a 65 hp gas engine that was designed to just spin the grinding wheel. The wheel was spun just by a belt attached to the engine. The only downside to that is if the engine started to bog down, the wheel would slow and would have the potential to stall the engine. If you were going to take a large bite of the stump you would have to grind a little bit, then back off to allow the engine to rev back up. I was always happy with the machine because it always got the job done.
Last year, after the large storms came through, we had the ability to investigate and maybe purchase a new stump machine. After demoing the Vermeer SC 652, I was sold. The technology that was incorporated into it was phenomenal. First off, the engine was a 65 hp DIESEL engine. I know that doesn’t seem different to some, but anyone who knows engines knows the power of a diesel to a gasoline powered one is a lot different. Secondly, the drivetrain for the wheel was not a belt drive, but hydraulically powered. That has a few benefits to a belt drive. The first benefit is the safety. With the engine power being transfered to the wheel by a hydraulic, the grinding wheel could be stopped almost on a dime. No more waiting around for the clutch to disengage and the wheel to loose momentum like the belt driven wheel. The second major benefit to hydraulic power is the grinding ability of the machine. Unlike before, with the new machine I can take a large bite of the stump without the fear of stalling the engine. The machine’s computer knows that I’m taking a large bite and it slows the machine to a speed of travel where the engine won’t stall out and will keep grinding with ease. The last major benefit to this new machine is the maneuverability. This machine will fit through a 36 inch gate and navigate through any terrain you can throw at it.
The Vermeer SC 652 is great machine. It’s powerful, maneuverable, reliable, and makes you and your business look good. I would recommend if anyone is in the market for a new stump grinder, to check out Vermeer. It’s one of the best investments I have made in my company.
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