I was inspired to write this blog by a comment that was posted on my Facebook page. The comment asked why were trees dying, and always falling and taking down high tension wires. So I figured I’d write a blog answering some of the most common questions I’m asked.


    1. top52Why are trees uprooting?

      Trees are uprooting a lot because of us, humans. We disturb the soil more than anyone can imagine. We need underground pipes, septic systems, pools, patios, sidewalks, driveways, sprinkler systems, the list goes on and on. When tree roots get in our way, we simply just dig them up. We also compact the soil with our lawnmowers, heavy foot traffic, our cars, even the water from a sprinkler system compacts soil. This is a big deal because roots cannot grow in compacted soil, so it limits the area for a root system to grow….Tree roots also do not grow down deep, they grow outward.

    2. Why are trees hitting things?

      In the North Jersey area, we are getting more populated then ever before, there is just simply more chance of a tree to hit something now.


    1. Why are tree diseases being spread?

      top53When my father started his tree company there were only 5 companies in this area. In 2010, there were over 212 registered tree companies in Bergen County. These companies are oblivious to the fact that they are spreading disease. They trim one tree with anthractnos or virticilium, and simply go on to the next tree because they don’t know how to identify the disease or just don’t care. Also, tree work is big business, and productivity is key. The more work a company does, the more money they get. They no longer do work correctly, they just wanna get it done.

    2. Why are trees turing yellow or chlorotic?

      top51There is another simple answer. Every fall we rake up the leaves. The leaves break down and provide nutrients to the tree. We remove the food, and never replace it.


  1. Why are newly planted trees dying?

    99% of the time, newly planted trees die because of lack of care, or improper planting. Trees are a living organism and need to be cared for. You don’t just stick em in the ground and think your fine. I spend a good majority of my day pointing out problems to homeowners that stem from improper planting.