2015 NJ Tree Climbing Championship

We competed in the 2015 NJ Tree Climbing Competition. Congratulations to Tom finishing 14th overall and Ben finishing 18th overall! This was our first time ever being in a competition. It was a great experience and are looking forward to competing again next year!

We made the 2016 Wesspur Calendar

We are excited to announce that one of our pictures has made it into the Wesspur Company Calendar! Vanderbeck Tree Expert’s photo was selected out of hundreds submitted. You can pick up your FREE copy of the calendar at http://www.wesspur.com/clothing/wesspur-gear.html

How to Water a Tree

Congratulations on the new tree(s) you have. Our society needs more trees. Now that your tree(s) have been installed your probably wondering how to properly care for them. Watering a tree is the simplest yet most critical step in a trees development. Here are a few quick points on how to properly water a tree. […]

Loosing a Friend in a Snow Storm

On October 29, 2011 a freak snow storm hit northern New Jersey. Trees that were still covered in foliage were weighed down by six inches of snow. Trees cracked under the weight of the snow and gave New Jersey a site that they had never seen before. The storm was so severe it was nicknamed […]

Arbor Day 2013: A Tale of Two Trees

A lot of people see tree companies as just a business that removes large trees. They fail to see the many other things a tree expert can offer. I pride myself on offering services that a normal tree company would stray away from. Let me use a story as an example. Two years ago, after […]

Inspiring Quote, Motivational Poster

I was inspired by a quote from Thomas Jefferson to make this poster. The quote is, “When you reah the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on”. I thought it applied to tree work very well.

Top 5 Questions I’m asked, Now that Sandy is Gone

I was inspired to write this blog by a comment that was posted on my Facebook page. The comment asked why were trees dying, and always falling and taking down high tension wires. So I figured I’d write a blog answering some of the most common questions I’m asked.   Why are trees uprooting? Trees […]

Sandy is Coming! Stay Prepared and Informed!

Today, we’re going to start feeling the effects of Hurricane Sandy. I thought I would give a few words of advice on what to do the morning before a large storm. Sandy is said to have Destructive Winds and Heavy Rain. This is a dangerous combination for trees. Trees will be coming down, it is […]